We offer core solutions since the beginning of your projects to add value to your products with flexible packaging with the highest quality standards in the market.

We have the latest generation machinery for printing by flexographic system. We can offer structures of one or more laminated layers without solvent, to be delivered in coils or finished for pouches with or without zipper and 3 seals, which can be used in the food industry, labels, heat shrinkable for bottling, products for the tobacco industry, household hygiene, detergents and more.


Our certified raw material comes from suppliers with guaranteed manufacturing processes meeting the highest quality requirements.

In our warehouses we monitor their conservation and handling.

Cliches assembly:

In the area of preparation for printing jobs, we have equipment and personnel that ensure the assembly of cliches before entering the press area.


We have the best technology that has been developed for Flexographic Printing and we control quality coil to coil.


Lamination without solvent for structures of two or more layers guaranteeing the conservation of the valuable content manufactured by our customers and favoring the most efficient packaging for them.


High speed and precision cutters with laser positioners that guarantee quality in all of coils, contemplating the maximum care of the product until final delivery to our customers.


We are a Dominican company focused on the quality of flexible packaging, respecting local and international regulations, also addressing the challenges demanded by our environment.

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