About our company

Insight Pack International Corp., is specialized in the production of dominican origin flexible packaging with Dominican capital, founded in October 2016.

It belongs to the ARV Company Group and it is located in the expansion of the Industrial Park of Victor Espaillat Mera, in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Insight Pack International has specialized equipment for printing by flexographic system structures for one or more layers, intended for the packaging of products such as coffee, biscuits, pasta and more; products from the tobacco industry such as pouches, single wrap and pouch for cigar sheets, as well as shrunk-wrapped and others.

As a guarantee that we work with the highest international quality standards, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified and our raw materials are exclusively purchased from suppliers with valid certifications.


To offer solutions in flexible packaging with added value, exceeding the expectations of our partners and shareholders through high quality standards, innovation and continuous improvement, potentiated by our strategic location to supply our customers.


To be a leader in the flexible packaging market, recognized for its high-quality standards, innovation through technology and specific, timely and intelligent solutions that generate value for our customers.

We are what we do, day by day.
So excellence is not an act but a habit.


Our values:

• Quality: Deliver packaging that meets the needs for conservation and protection of the final product meeting customers expectations.

• Innovation: To be a company that is at the forefront of technology, seeking to develop, together with customers and suppliers, innovative packaging solutions.

• Excellence: Give our best to comply with the requirements, duties and obligations of work, regulations and objectives.

• Commitment: It is what drives us to do everything possible to satisfy our customers and collaborators.

• Teamwork: Work together with passion, so as a family we can achieve our goals.

Our Quality Policy:

We are a company dedicated to the elaboration of flexible packaging and we are focus on exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Our main pillar is quality, with which we have an integral commitment that is reflected in our final product. The company will ensure compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.

Our resources are focused on continuous improvement, through technological channels, training of all our personnel, optimization of processes and a search for excellence that we do for our own conviction in an atmosphere of collaboration and openness.

In support of our commitment, we ensure that:

Our products are the result of raw materials that guarantee the adequate performance from the logistics of the product to the final consumer throughout its useful life.

On the production process we have indicators to guarantee the quality of the product that we deliver to our customers.

We are open to solve the concerns of our customers, as well as we have suppliers willing to collaborate with our needs.

This quality policy is understood, implemented and maintained up to date at all levels of the organization, and has the full commitment and support of the Management, who establishes, develops and applies it through the implemented QUALITY SYSTEM.

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